Hello from Brazil!

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Hello from Brazil!

Postby doctorspiral » Thu May 30, 2019 9:30 am

Hello! E aí?! What a magnificent forum! Well, allow my to introduce myself: I've been a fan of Hellsing ever since 2004. I used to love the Gonzo anime (mostly because of the music and vibe), and then this admiration became an obssession when I found the manga a few months later and started reading the REAL story. No Incognito, but a trip to... Brazil! We don't usually see ourselves in manga (well, at least not those days, anyway). And NAZIS! And more Anderson (my favorite character), and a great ending. What a ride!

I used to be part of a huge Orkut community/forum of Hellsing fans in Brazil. We did discuss theory about what the heck was going on in this magnificent surrealist splatter horror series. It was so much fun. Wait for the chapter, and argue with friends about powers, meanings and references until the next one. Until the very end, Hellsing was great to enjoy, and even waiting for it was fun. Hellsing first came to us translated by a late scanlator named Si-lensce.

Me and a few friends even got to the very bottom of it and did some cosplay (and a lot of RP online, too). Our group had some low quality scans of a few hentai featuring character-prototypes that we read (Coyote was by far the best one, really).

After some time, the manga was published around these parts (twice, actually).

The pleasure of waiting for Hellsing came again in the form of the OVAs, and then the Abridged Version made by Team Four Star in YouTube.

I just love Hellsing, and this love haven't faded. I see myself listening the OSTs to this day.

When Drifters started, I followed but somewhere in the way I dropped it and started reading other stuff (it was fun, interesting, but I guess I can skip a few months without reading it so I get to have a lot to read when I search for it). Recently, I found myself reading Hellsing from the begining after so many years, and decided I would be part of HiranoMoe (if you guys accept me, of course), so I could grasp other Hirano works and be part of a larger community.

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Re: Hello from Brazil!

Postby Markus1985 » Thu May 30, 2019 11:12 pm

Hello doctorspiral.
Welcome to the forum and glad to hear that there are Hellsing fans in South America too. Hope you'll enjoy your time here and make the Moe'st of it. :)

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Re: Hello from Brazil!

Postby Timmo » Fri May 31, 2019 12:56 am

Hi and welcome to HiranoMoe :)
Always a pleasure to see a new member joined us :thumb: hope you enjoy our community and post a lot :)
Kind regards from Germany,
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Re: Hello from Brazil!

Postby doctorspiral » Fri May 31, 2019 10:00 am

Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'm looking foward to contribute with all boards possible. Right now, I'm catching up Drifters. Then, I'll discuss it.


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