My AMVs (not shit AMVs. Yes, they exist)

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My AMVs (not shit AMVs. Yes, they exist)

Postby Silk_Sk » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:06 pm

No Youtube, sorry. They just love to ban my accounts for no reason. They are pretty small files and shouldn't take more than a few seconds to download with a decent connection. If you're willing I encourage you to check them out. For now I'll just post the Hellsing ones. If you all like I'll post others.

This is a quick and funny one I made for a friend's birthday.
Schroedinger's AMV

This is my part of a Sum 41 MEP (Multi Editor Project) that I made. It may seem incomplete but that's because another editor's track is supposed to begin afterwards. But out of all these videos this is the one I most recommend you check out as it is the best example of me at top form. The song is No Reason.
Seriously, watch this one

The rest of these are Iron Chef videos. They are a competitive type of AMV in which two or more people try to make the best video within a certain time limit. According to IC rules, the songs and animes used in these videos were randomly chosen. These are the ones for which Hellsing was selected. Each of these were made in two hours and are winners for the most part.

The song is Drove Through Ghosts to Get here by 65daysofstatic and is totally badass. I love having randomly selected songs since it's an opportunity to edit in a way I normally wouldn't.
Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here

This one turned out so well I'm making a full length version. Won't be finished any time soon though. The song is Degausser by Brand New.
Blood Storm (IC Version)

Kicked ass with this one. The time limit for this one was three hours instead of two. I can't remember the title of the song but it was a bit of a hassle to edit it to fit it to Hellsing. This one won me the 2nd round of a small IC tournament I'm participating in.
DZ IC Round 2 WIN

And finally, the loser of the bunch. This is definitely the downside of having randomly selected songs. The song is We Came to Dance and doesn't suit Hellsing in the least bit. Still, I went ahead and edited it just the same. It's somewhat amusing actually how bad the match-up is.
We Came to Dance

I don't really have any full length Hellsing AMVs but I am working on one. I do have some I made several years ago with WMM but I won't punish you by posting those.

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