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“The stuff of life. The saving place. Great brands, great value.” Death by bread slicer. Kmart.


Back in the years of Classic Who, Second Doctor Patrick Troughton began his run by warning producer Peter Bryant that he planned to stick around for only three seasons. His reason? Fear of being typecast.


Season two is amazing. Amazing. Anyway, that’s right. When I have free time, with my kids, and when my kids are asleep, I watch TV or I read a book. I love stories. I actually don’t read a book, I listen to a book. I more often do audible books. I’m listening to a book about the Sacklers right now. They did the opioids.backpack
Customized Film Backpack Kid

The series is developed, executive-produced, and written by Gad, Edward Kitsis, and Adam Horowitz (Once Upon a Time), with each serving as a co-showrunner. The creative team behind the show also includes director Liesl Tommy, who will executive produce and helm the first episode. Alan Menken will write an original soundtrack for the series, with lyrics by Glenn Slater (Tangled). Production is expected to begin next spring.

Yeah. The script has been rewritten many times between Dave and myself, with Dave always involved in helping making sure we’re still telling the same tale. There are just a lot of things in the original script that we couldn’t do. A lot of people, from the comments that I’ve read online, wanted us to take harder shots at America and stuff like that. I believe that Dave’s original script might have been a bit darker, might’ve been a bit biting, and we wanted to tell a tale more about let’s just have a good time. Let’s just tell some jokes. We do have some stuff to say and it’s important to say it, but we all felt as group that if we get too hard at taking an opinion one way or the other about what’s happening in America today, it becomes a different movie than just, “Let’s have some fun, let’s have Paul Bunyan battle a giant mech Big Ben clock.” So we focus more on the wild ride than on telling a straight-up political satire.

I couldn’t be more happy with how this series has turned out, one of the best animated TV shows this year.

It was quite comfortable. I mean, the whole costume was very comfortable except running in the rocket pack. The rocket had a tendency to jiggle on the back. They tried to tighten it up, but there was no way it wasn’t going to jiggle. So that wasn’t the most comfortable thing. And the helmet had a tendency to get a little moist inside. And I could not see a lot while I was wearing the helmet. At almost every opportunity, the helmet came off when it could. And they want to see your face, not the helmet. The helmet is great for disguising the fact that it wasn’t me at various times. But overall, the costume was much more comfortable than you would imagine. And I would imagine more than many modern superhero costumes are.

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