Jouji Nakata at Connichi in Germany

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Re: Jouji Nakata at Connichi in Germany

Postby Pers_Spiku » Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:48 pm

thanks for sharing :)
What about conference? Have you learned something interesting?
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Re: Jouji Nakata at Connichi in Germany

Postby Timmo » Thu Sep 24, 2015 5:53 pm

Hey guys, here are all facts of Jouji Nakata Q&A Session:
First he showed a clip of all characters he acted.
Alucard is one of his favourite characters, his worst is the one he's wearing a white shirt and Long Brown hair, don't know the name.
Then they talked about differences in japanese and german dubbing.
When he does voice acting he tries to feel like the character, thats why he knows the story pretty well. For some characters like the Little animal I dont know the name, he breathes different.
I asked about his favorite Alucard Voice acting scene in Hellsing, it's the Moment when he's walking to cheddar village watching the moon. Also he liked the fight vs Anderson.
Then I asked if he knows anything about the Dawn will be continued he didn't say anything concretly. Just that the anime is finished... Perhaps he isn't allowed to :XS but he talked about Drifters and perhaps he might get a role in the anime :thumb:
I sent a Clip to Klimat where Jouji and Torsten Münchow both spoke the same part n their language to compare both voices - it was awesome :alu2: I heard Alucard live in two voices :win:

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