Dracula (2014) Movie

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Re: Dracula (2014) Movie

Postby Timmo » Sun Oct 12, 2014 6:42 pm

I watched the movie yesterday and I really liked it.
A lot of sequences were pretty Alucardish :)
Great fighting scenes and the story behind Vampirism worked on my opinion.
His outfits, his look and his special abilities were awesome.
And the cinema was nearly sold out :thumb:

SPOILER: The only point I didn't like was the end were he returned and met Mina the Girl who looked like his wife...
It would have fit perfect into Bram Stokers novel movie with Gary Oldman but it wasn't in year 18hundretsomething but in our present :(
Sequel is possible ;P
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Re: Dracula (2014) Movie

Postby vladucard » Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:21 am

I watched it thursday night (our theaters had an early viewing) and watch not impressed. It was definitely entertaining and the action was fantastic, but they didn't do a good job with the history part (which they kept boasting about on interviews). For example, Vlad ruled Wallachia, not Transylvania. Also, Radu? He wasn't even mentioned.

I understand that it's not a historical film, but if you boast about it being " a story about the REAL Vlad" and thrn mess it up, some might be irked.

I give it a 7/10 for awesome vampire scenes though. The bats, omg, the bats!
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Re: Dracula (2014) Movie

Postby Saphire Diablo » Mon Oct 13, 2014 8:28 pm

I have just seen the movie. I think I missed the first 5~10 minutes. Not sure if that affects my judgement but I have a mixed opinion about it.
I think the movie is a little too short, and they have pretty much shown all of the best scenes and all of the story line in the trailer.
There are also many inconsistencies throughout the film (mostly visual inconsistencies), it feels a bit rushed, and somewhat lack of blood/gore for a vampire movie.
For example, they try to cover the impaling scene with mist and such, not sure if that was budget based decision or they are trying to make this a family movie.
Another example, after Dracula bites someone, there's absolutely no blood whatsoever on him nor on the neck of those he bites.
I know these are minor error, but this kinds of visual inconsistencies bothers me. It makes the movie looks lazy and rushed.

The only redeeming part is the last scene. It was a good scene for an ending, it gives a closure yet also opens up possibilities for more.
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Re: Dracula (2014) Movie

Postby Pers_Spiku » Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:15 am

Sorry, I saw this topic too late :)
I saw the movie, but I didn`t like it at all. Because I know too much about Vlad :lol: The story of that movie is one of the hypothesis of his life, but it`s a little part, very very little(3-4 years of his life). The movie didn`t show his commander talent, it didn`t show the real threat. Omani empire in those days was almost the whole world, they captured Constantinople, the cradle of the Christian faith, and made Mosque from Sophia Cathedral (sorry for details :D ) As in any war the enemy was a terrible, invincible, and the land that govern Vlad was very poor and little,
but he did not give up! Because the person who shall not be called a human being!(c) :alu2: :D (So it`s true, and it`s very interesting to find such matches.)
But bats have been drawn really cool :thumb: And Luke Evans is sexy :8) (See the movie "No One Lives" with him, and you'll understand all)

(other than he has a little brother, as has been pointed out by one of our forum member)

He has 3 brothers, don`t counting the cousins. His eldest brothers was killed by traitors. Vlad was the second son. His younger brother remained a prisoner of the Turks and served them. Their story is very sad, because Vlad very loved him. His youngest brother and his cousins wanted to kill him and to take his post.
Where the whole affair? They shaw Dracula only like exemplary family man :D

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