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These are the laws of our land. Know them and follow them every moment of your stay here.
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Board Rules

Postby Chrono_Tata » Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:09 am

Here are the general rules that applies to (almost) the entirety of the board.

1. Be respectful to other members. Everyone has the same rights to be here as much as you do, unless a board administrator decides otherwise.

2. Make intelligible posts. Don't spam with one word posts or fill a post up with unnecessary smilies. Don't chat speak. Use spaces and paragraphs, especially when making long posts. Don't double post unless your last post in that topic had been a long time ago. Swearing is okay but make sure you don't break rule no.1.

3. With the exception of manga and anime uploads, please refrain from posting materials of questionable legality. These include, but not limited to, sharing commercial software and movies.

4. "Bait" topics are not allowed. This means giving your topic a misleading name while the actual topic has nothing to do with the title. Make posts in the relevant section or they may be moved or deleted. Don't make a new topic while another similar one already exists.

5. No character (real or otherwise) or fandom bashing. Discussions on their merits are, of course, allowed, but unreasonable bashing of anything for the sake of bashing will not be tolerated.

6. This is an English-language forum. All topics and posts should be made in intelligible English, with the exception of the Tower of Babel section.

7. Signatures should be of reasonable size. The general rule is that they should be no longer than 700 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall. We'd probably let you get away with something slightly larger but don't push it.

8. With the exception of Hirano's works, no porn on the forum for the love of crap. This extends to "word" porn and not just picture porn.

9. Decisions made by moderators or administrators on deleting or editing topics/posts or banning members should be considered final. If you feel something has been done unfairly then take it up with an admin or mod via PM, but don't bitch about it. We'd probably like you less.

10. Basically, don't be a bloody idiot. Enjoy your stay. :)

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