Hirano Shrine section is closed from public view

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Hirano Shrine section is closed from public view

Postby Saphire Diablo » Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:06 pm

I'm closing The Hirano Shrine from public view, from this point on only registered user will be able to see it.
This shouldn't affect anyone with an account here.

The reason is because I may post LQ Drifters chapters (raws) and spoilers in the future, as well as the OVA Commentary Tracks that is extremely time-consuming-blood-dripping-hard-work to do (we're talking about 20+ pages of translations and proofreading (thanks Chrono! :D), and no that is not 20+ pages of manga where there are only 2~3 words per speech bubble, it's 20+ pages of novel-like density -- if you think translating an anime episode is hard, try translating 50 minutes of constant non-stop overlapping speech. No wonder I have never seen any other group translate commentary tracks before), and people need to have at least the courtesy to register to this forum to see our works in its full glory.

Or perhaps I'm just an asshole like that. Let me sprinkle some Nazi flags to add to this news: :nazi: :nazi: :nazi:

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