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(Fan Comic) Hellsing Excidium by RobertFiddler

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:15 am
by Toxin45
So basically for fans who want more of Hellsing than look no further than Hellsing Excidium the fan web comic made by Robert Fiddler on Deviantart. It's plot takes place after the events of The Hellsing Manga and OVA series with Schrodinger being spit out by Alucard in order to heal himself and later joins forces with hellsing under Seras's command. Hilarity ensues and togeter they must fight off new threats led by Fatum a man with an army of vampires basically true undeads.
It's a pretty good web comic for Hellsing fans to enjoy.Be sure to look at the link ... -161120648

Sadly it's on Hitaus but it will come back in 2018.